Coil Binding Machines

We have a full line of coil book binding machines, including coil inserters and coil crimpers. Spiral binding equipment comes in fully electric, partially electric, and manual styles. Whether you prefer an all-in-one solution or separate punching and binding stations, we have it all. Choose your machine and then pair it with Coil Binds and Presentation Covers to create your coil-bound books & presentations.

Spiral coil binding machines punch round or oval holes in paper & covers to produce professional books. Once the holes are punched, the plastic coil bind is inserted (spun) into the book, and then the ends are crimped to finish and keep the bind in place.

Coil bound books can be rotated 360° flat back on themselves for holding with one hand. They are very flexible and durable, and last longer that most other traditional binding styles. This makes them great for sending through the mail.

Models for Office, School, & More:

Quite a few of our spiral coil book binding machines can punch for standard and custom sized documents, making them perfect for schools, print shops, home use, and other businesses. We carry a full selection of GBC, Akiles, Tamerica, Renz, Rhin-O-Tuff, and other brand coil binders. We want you to have options for any budget and use, be it personal, commercial, or industrial.

Features & Abilities:

Most coil binding machines (CoilBind) punch 43 or 44 holes in standard letter size sheets of paper (4:1 - 4 holes per 1 in of paper). We also have extra wide and open-ended punches for accommodating special size paper & covers.

Many of our spiral coil machines includes features like modular design, foot pedal operation, disengageable pins, and much more.

Coil Binding Perks:

Coil binding machines are a great solution for producing:

  • Presentations
  • Booklets
  • Human Resources Manuals
  • Professional Reports
  • And other books up to 2" Thick

Skyline Satisfaction Guarantee & Support:

Skyline carries the best office and heavy duty coil binding systems, and we're happy to help you find the right one for your book binding needs.

Give us a call at 1-866-455-9900 for quick and friendly help with our coil binding equipment.

54 Products

Item #: TP-EZ-COIL-46
Tamerica EZ-Coil 46 Manual Coil Punch with Electric Inserter
Item #: TP-EC1
Tamerica EC-1 Universal Punch Binding Machine
Item #: TP-VB-M
Tamerica Versabind 4-in-1 Manual Punch & Bind with 4 EZ Slide Dies

Ships via Truck

Item #: TP-Optimus46i
Tamerica Optimus 46i Manual Coil Punch with Electric Coil Inserter
Item #: TP-TPC-4600
Tamerica TPC 4600 4:1 Coil Punch and Bind Machine
Item #: AMCM
Akiles CoilMac-M Manual Coil Punch and Binding Machine
Item #: M1DTP
Renz DTP-340 Interchangable Punch with Die

Ships via Truck

Item #: MagnaPunch-Pro-7705643
GBC Magnapunch Pro Interchangeable Die Punch 7705643, 1/2 Second Punch Cycle, 3 Year Warranty

Ships via Truck

Item #: M14012
Rhin-O-Tuff WD 4012 Work Duty Punch
Item #: TP-Omega-4in1
Tamerica Omega 4-in-1 Electric Punch and Bind Machine with 4 Dies

Ships via Truck

Item #: TP-VB-Ei
Tamerica Versabind Ei 4-in-1 Electric Punch & Bind with 4 EZ Slide Dies and Coil Inserter

Ships via Truck

Item #: MP2500iX
MP2500iX Electric Interchangeable Die Punch 7704300
Item #: AMCoil Mac-EPI-Plus
Akiles CoilMac EPI+ Plus Electric Oval Hole Coil Binding Machine
Item #: TP-VB-E
Tamerica Versabind E 4-in-1 Electric Punch & Bind with 4 EZ Slide Dies

Ships via Truck

Item #: AMCM-EX
Akiles CoilMac-EX All-In-One Electric Coil Binding Machine
Item #: M1Coil3000
Rhin-o-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000 All-In-One System
Item #: M1HDE-4100
Rhino-Tuff HD E4100 is a 12" Electric Coil Inserter
Item #: GBC-CC2700-Inserter
GBC-CC2700-Coil Inserter- Modular Electric Coil Inserter - 7301080