Government Paper Shredders

Government Shredders meet specific requirements like being TAA Compliant. With approvals from the NSA/CSS, DOD, and others, you can choose the shredder that meets the requirements for your department. These shredders are used by the FBI, DOJ, and many other sectors where are secure solution is needed.

We carry a selection of strip cut, cross cut, micro cut, and high security shredders that are government approved (additional models and custom solutions available by calling 1-866-455-9900). We have worked with many branches of the government to keep their binding, shredding, and paper handling running smoothly.

Many features are available with these machines, including things like sensor based operation, the ability to shred various amounts of paper, and much more. Sizes range from small desk side shredders to heavy duty standalone versions.

Have questions about the differences between some of the shredders you see below or interested in using a Government PO (purchase order) to order? Our Shredding Experts are ready to answer any questions and get you and your department the right equipment at 1-866-455-9900.

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