Velobind Strips

Velobind Strips are the most secure bind, and are often used in legal, law, and accounting offices. Velobind Spines have become the go-to bind for high quality, professional binding. We have the secure heat-sealed Velobinds and manual styles you need below. These work great in all Velobind Binding Machines, and look great paired with binding presentation covers.

Available in many sizes and colors, Velobind Strips are used for letter and legal size documents. Choose from a sleek color selection including black, navy blue, white, hunter green, dark gray, and maroon. They come in 4, 9, 11, and 14 pin configurations to give you plenty of options.

These Velobind spines work with every Velobinder machine, including the GBC Velobind System 1, 2, & 3 Pro (also V800), as well as the TPV 2000 & 3000.

Hot Knife Velobinds are available in 8.5", 11", and 14" lengths, and are the secure type of Velobind. When a secure bind isn't needed but the professional Velobind look is still desired, there are 4 Pin Velobind Strips. These are available in 11" lengths, and are easy to bind by hand (once the document is punched), and don't require a Heat Type Velobind machine.

Velobinding a document produces a permanent bind that is heat sealed. The velobind spine cannot be opened & re-closed without a Velobind Machine. This means that a velobound document cannot be tampered with. Velobound documents are also secure from prying eyes. The Velobound material is held tightly between the plastic binding strips so it lays closed & will not lay flat open.

GBC VeloBind Strip Sets are also known as Hot Knife Binding, Velo Binding Strips, VeloBind Sets, Sure Bind Strips, EVB, Electric VeloBind Strips, and 4 Prong / Pin VeloBinds. They come in sizes of 1" x 11", 2" x 11", 3" x 11", 1" x 8.5", 2" x 8.5", 3" x 8.5", and 1" x 14". VeloBinders can bind books from 1 page up to 750 pages, making VeloBinds the largest bookbind available.

Have questions about Hot Knife Velobind Spines or 4 Pin Velobinds? Not sure which type is right for you? Call one of our friendly Velobind Specialists and we'll be happy to answer your questions and get you the best Velobind Spines today at 1-866-455-9900!

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