11 Pin Velobind Strips

11 Pin Velobind Strips are by far the most common Velobinds, being a perfect fit for Letter size documents. These binds are often referred to as 11 Pin Hot Knife Velobinds or SecureBinds, and provide a secure bound document. Available in a variety of colors, these 11 Pin Velobinds are in stock and ready to ship! These work with all heat type Velobind Machines, and look great paired with presentation covers.

11 Pin Velobinds are used with a Hot Knife Velobind Machine (often referred to as a Velobind Machine or Velobind System One, Two, or Three). By fusing together when put into the machine, they provide a heat sealed, permanent type of binding. With sizes available in 1", 2", and 3", you can bind larger documents than most binds are capable of.

With colors including Black, Navy Blue, White, Burgundy (Maroon), Dark Gray, and Green, there are plenty of options to choose from. With the three sizes available, you can bind up to approximately 750 pages permanently and securely. With a design that keeps the book closed when laying down, your document is safe from prying eyes when Velobound.

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