Paper Folders

Paper Folders come in two main styles, air feed and friction feed. They both give the advantage of accurate and efficient folding of paper and similar materials. Many folding machines have a variety of presets or custom settings to give you full control over your folding operations. Pair these folders with our paper perforating & scoring machines to fully customize your sheets.

Air feed folders are also known as vacuum feed, suction feed, and compressed air folders due to how they use air to move the paper. This ensures easy feeding of tricky materials like glossy papers, coated documents, digital prints, and all standard materials as well.

Friction feed folders use specially designed rollers to move the paper into the machine for extra speed. Both types of machines come with either presets or programmable settings for different size documents and finished products.

MBM Folding Machines are known as the standard in the document handling industry. MBM folders set the pace as innovative products that meet the demands of today's ever-changing graphics and print industries.

Not sure which type, brand, or model is the best one for you? Call our friendly paper folding experts at 1-866-455-9900 and we'll answer any questions and help you choose the right model for you and/or your business today!

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Item #: MBM-508A
MBM 508A Automatic Friction Feed Tabletop Paper Folder FO0605
Item #: MBM-208J
MBM 208J Friction Feed Manual Tabletop Paper Folder FO0601
Item #: MBM-1800S
MBM 1800S Automatic Programmable Air Feed Tabletop Folder FO0623
Item #: MBM-408A
MBM 408A Automatic Friction Feed Folding Machine
Item #: MBM352S
MBM 352S Suction Feed Folding Machine.

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Item #: MBM-352F
MBM 352F Professional Friction Folding Machine