Lamination Trimmers

Lamination Trimmers are often used alongside roll laminators for easy trimming to make the perfect sized finished product. Available in rotary trimmer and board cutter styles, most of the laminate trimmers can also be used for paper and other materials as well.

Rotary laminate trimmers trim your laminated material to size, and are great for when you have laminated multiple sheets side by side. Board cutters are designed to trim mounting boards (aka Gatorboard and foam board) to the right size for posters, signs, and other similar materials.

With trimmers starting at letter size and up to + 64", you can choose one that is large enough for all your trimming and cutting needs. If you need to trim your mounting boards or laminated material, we have a machine or tool for you.

Have a question about one of these lamination cutting machines or cutting materials in general? Not sure which one is right for you, or have a material you want to know if the machine will cut? Our Trimmer Specialists are ready to help and answer any questions at 1-866-455-9900 today!

12 Products

Item #: MBM-Trim-1030
MBM 1030 Tabletop Rotary Paper Trimmer 13"
Item #: MBM-Trim-0155
MBM 0155 Floor Model 61" Rotary Paper Trimmer

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Item #: MBM-Trim-0135
MBM 0135 Floor Model 53" Rotary Paper Trimmer

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Item #: GGD558
Dahle 558 51" Professional Rotary Trimmer

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Item #: ARB64
Akiles Roll @ Blade, 64" Rotary Paper Trimmer
Item #: ARB36
Akiles Roll @ Blade, 36" Rotary Trimmer with Self Sharpening Tungsten Rotary Blade

Over Size Package

Item #: MExcal5000
Excalibur 5000 Keencut 63" Board Trimmer

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