Plastic Comb Binds

Plastic Comb Binding is one of the most popular styles of binding, has been around for a long time, and is a tried-and-true binding solution. With an easy to edit style, plastic comb binding spines have been used for everything from reports, presentation, educational, cooking, and many other kinds of binding uses. You can bind these with all Comb Binding Machines, and finish the look with front & back presentation covers. Need help choosing? Check out our Comb Size Chart: What size of Comb Binds do I need?

One of the things that sets Comb Binds apart from other binding is the ability to custom print them with names, logos, and any other text and images needed. Often used to label sections of books or specifically identify them, comb binds are very popular and prevalent.

Available in every color imaginable, over a dozen sizes and various lengths, there is comb bind for your binding needs. They can even be trimmed down for smaller custom sized books! With a rectangular hole pattern (typically 19 holes in an 11" document), comb bound books are easy to edit with updated information.

Browse our collection of plastic book spines below, or give one of our Comb Bind Specialists a call to talk about custom printing, colors, and much more at 1-866-455-9900!

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