Thermal Binding Machines

Thermal binding machines come in various types for different styles of thermal binding. Also known as Perfect Binders or thermal glue binders, these machines are very popular due to the clean, professionally bound look and feel they give to your documents. We also carry the Thermal Binding Supplies you need for each particular style.

Thermal binding uses heat and adhesive glue to quickly and securely bind books and their covers. Skyline's thermal book binding machines produce up to hundreds of books per hour, making them the fastest of all binding styles.

Thermal Binding Machines are very easy to use. Just get the pre-made Thermal Binding Covers with the glue already in the spine, and put your sheets into the cover. Jog the sheets evenly, then place the completed folder into the binding slot of the thermal binder. Press the button on your book binding machine and in about 30-60 seconds (you'll hear a beep when done) your book is perfectly bound!

Thermal bound books have a professional look whether you use wraparound soft covers or classy hard covers. There are 3 main options for making perfect bound books: Pre-glued covers, pre-made custom covers (call us and we'll make your masterpiece), and glue strips for making special sizes and types of books.

Some of the qualities of thermal binding is that the documents can be safely mailed, no holes need to be punched, and they produce a clean, crisp looking document. These thermal binders are also known as glue binding machines, and perfect binding machines.

Need help finding the right thermal binding machine, crimper, or accessories? We can help you find out if you need a tape binder, Perfect Binder, soft & hard cover thermal binder, or combination machine or accessories. Call us at 1-866-455-9900 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Thermal Binding Specialists!

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