Bind-it CoverBind 5000

SKU: BCoverMate


The Cover Cover Bind 5000 Thermal heated glue hot bind book binding machine can thermal bind up to five thinner books
at a time. CoverBind glue heated thermal binder allows smaller desktop bookbinding the best price. Perfect Binding Systems 
are very easy to use. Just get the pre-made perfect binding covers with the glue already in the spine, and put your sheets into the
cover before placing them into the CoverBind 5000.

Jog the sheets evenly, then place the completed folder into the binding slot of the CoverBind 5000 thermal book binding machine. Press the button on 
the machine and in about 50 seconds your book is perfect bound. Let it cool for a minute or two and it is ready to be read, 
mailed or included in your proposal. The Bind-it hot glue book binders is often used with customized bind-it report covers. 
Printed hot glue bind covers can be made of many paper stocks including linen bind-it glue heat binds, Vinyl hot book binding 
covers and hot glue book bind covers with frosted front or bind it heat bind clear covers. Custom book bind covers often 
have foil stamped logos or foil print of text. The custom hot glue book covers can be silk screened or printed and foiled to show 
you mean business. 

Bind it Thermal Glue Bind Covers come in a variety of stocks and colors, to suit your business needs 
and budget. Coupled with our extensive graphic capabilities, you’re sure to find just the right combination to reflect your 
company’s professional image. With a quick warm up time of 55 seconds, and a binding edge of 15", the CoverBind 5000 is a fast and easy 
way to professionally perfect bind single or multiple books (up to 500 sheets total) at one time. The binder and cooling tray 
combinded with your selection of thermal bind covers will create great first impressions. This CoverBind machine is made to bind Paperback and Hardback covers.