Paper collator machines are one of the most time-saving pieces of office equipment you can have, especially if you frequently find yourself collating dozens or hundreds of documents. By giving you the ability to quickly organize and assemble up to around 4000 sets per hour, you'll be saving time and money.

Whether you're looking for a compact handle operated collator for a couple dozen sets a week, or large touch screen model for collating thousands of documents a day, you'll find a machine that fits your needs here. We have models from brands including MBM, Martin Yale, Duplo, and Standard.

Many of these machines come with extra features like touch screens, programmable operation, bin sensors, adjustable pressure, and more. Optional add-ons for certain machines include transport conveyors, collator stands, twin tower configuration, and others to expand your collation abilities.

Have questions about collating or a paper collating machine model you see below? We are happy to help find the best automatic paper collator machine for you and answer any questions you have. Our friendly specialists are also able to help you learn how to setup and operate your collator. Call us at 1-866-455-9900 today!

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Item #: MBM-FC10
MBM FC 10 Automatic 10 Bin Friction Collator

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