Laminators are typically used to protect documents, photos, or other materials with a clear protective coating. Pouch laminators fully encapsulate your materials using a clear or matte pouch, while roll laminators either do double or single sided laminating using rolls for an expanded set of laminating options.

Skyline has a full selection of lamination machines available, with brands including GBC, Akiles, Tamerica, and many others. Whether you are looking for a pouch, roll, or mounting laminator, we have the best machines for your laminating needs and price range.

These high quality laminators are built to handle all of your laminating, and our laminate trimmers make sure everything is the perfect finished size. Lamination is often used to protect documents, product sheets, posters, signs, photos, menus, and much more.

Trying to find the best lamination machine for your school, home, business, or industrial needs? Talk with one of our friendly lamination specialists and we'll be happy to help you find the right machine for all your laminating needs at 1-866-455-9900!