Modular and Combination Binding Machines

Modular and Combination Machines are designed to do 2 or more kinds of binding, and are perfect for people looking to do multiple kinds of binding. Combination machines have two binding styles built into the machine and typically include a finishing element, and Modular machines have interchangeable dies for changing binding styles.

Skyline's modular and combination machines have options for everything from Coil, Comb, Wire, Velobind, 3 Hole, and additional custom styles. Whether you need to do 2 or 10 kinds of binding, we have a binding machine for sale that has what you need.

Combination machines come with 2 binding styles built into one machine, and usually include a finishing element (Wire Closer, Coil Inserter, or Comb Opener) to provide an all-in-one solution for those styles. Modular machines have interchangeable dies that allow you to do any combination and number of binding styles you like.

Whether you would like an all-in-one machine for 2 styles, or a machine with multiple dies for all kinds of binding, we have you covered. Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Binding Specialists to find the best machine for you at 1-866-455-9900.

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Item #: M2-MagnaPro-7705657
GBC Magnapunch Pro LooseLeaf 3-5-7 2-4 (7705657)
Item #: M2-MagnaPro-7705654
GBC Magnapunch Pro Surebind Die Set (7705654)
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GBC Magnapunch Pro VeloBind Die Set (7705653)