7 Mil Thick Laminating Pouches

7 Mil Thick Laminating Pouches are designed to have a good amount of rigidity, and are not very flexible. This gives them a nice sturdy finish that is great for items that will be handled frequently or moved around. These also provide UV protection, ensuring your documents and photos have a superb and lasting finish. These pouches work with any pouch laminator that uses 7 Mil Pouches, and we have extra lamination pouch carriers if you need them.

7 mil lamination pouches come in sizes from slightly over 2" x 3" and up to 12" x 18", with special sizes available as well. With their weather and UV protection, these pouches are great for indoor and outdoor use, making them perfect for documents, photos, menus, name tags, and many other items.

These 7 mil pouches are right in between 5 mil and 10 mil, making them perfect for those who want something in the middle. These pouches are often used by businesses, copy and print shops, production centers for schools and more. Many of our customers like to keep 3, 5, 7, and 10 mil thicknesses in stock for all their laminating.

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