Comb Binding Machines

Comb Binding Machines are available in electric and manual versions. The most popular are the all-in-one (punch & bind) machines, and then we also have punch only and spreader/opener only for additional options. With a machine for every budget & easy-to-use features, there are plenty of options to ensure the right fit for you. Pair the comb binder you choose here with Plastic Binding Combs & Presentation Covers and you'll have everything you need!

Comb binding is one of the most popular binding styles. If you are currently comb binding or looking to start, we have the machines, accessories, and supplies you need.

Our plastic comb binding machines come in electric and manual styles, and are perfect for copy shops, offices, schools, and personal use.

Comb Binding Machine Features:

With great features like disengageable pins, foot pedal or handle operation, side margin and depth controls, you can have a machine that will handle all your comb binding needs.

Skyline has Letter, Legal, and custom size capable (aka open-ended) machines, so you can comb bind books of all sizes.

For heavy duty & large quantity comb binding, we have electric comb binders, with some featuring interchangeable dies to punch multiple binding styles.

Comb Openers/Spreaders:

Most comb binding machines come with an opener/spreader to open and close your combs. If you want to double your binding speed, you can have one person punching, and another using a Modular Comb Opener/Spreader (aka standalone spreader).

Whether you're using a all-in-one or separate machine setup, binding and editing documents is quick and easy.

Perks of Comb Binding:

Some of the qualities of comb binding (aka GBC CombBind) are:

  • Economical
  • Produces editable documents
  • Allows the pages to rotate open and flat back 360 degrees on themselves
  • Customizable (we print, foil stamp, and more!)
  • Trimmable - Small or custom size books are a breeze
  • Small to Large Books with binds from 1/4" up to 2" thick

The color variety & customization options are plentiful as well. They can be custom printed or foil stamped with anything you like, including your company name and logo.

If you're making special size books, we can pre-cut them or you can trim them to size from their 19 hole (11" binding) length to a shorter length.

Choices & Expert Advice:

Browse our collection of GBC, Tamerica, Akiles, Rhin-O-Tuff, Swingline, and other brands of comb binding systems for sale, or call us at 1-866-455-9900 for fast and friendly help!

We want to make sure you get the right machine for your binding needs and budget, and we're happy to share our expertise with you anytime!

40 Products

Item #: TP-EZ-COMB-21
Tamerica EZ-Comb 21 Manual Comb Punch & Bind Machine
Item #: TP-210PB
Tamerica 210PB Comb Binding Machine
Item #: TP-VB-M
Tamerica Versabind 4-in-1 Manual Punch & Bind with 4 EZ Slide Dies

Ships via Truck

Item #: TPTCC2100
Tamerica TCC 2100 Manual Comb Binding Machine
Item #: TP190PB
Tamerica 190PB Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine
Akiles EcoBind-C Comb Binding System
Item #: MagnaPunch-Pro-7705643
GBC Magnapunch Pro Interchangeable Die Punch 7705643, 1/2 Second Punch Cycle, 3 Year Warranty

Ships via Truck

Item #: M14012
Rhin-O-Tuff WD 4012 Work Duty Punch
Item #: TP-Omega-4in1
Tamerica Omega 4-in-1 Electric Punch and Bind Machine with 4 Dies

Ships via Truck

Item #: TP-VB-Ei
Tamerica Versabind Ei 4-in-1 Electric Punch & Bind with 4 EZ Slide Dies and Coil Inserter

Ships via Truck

Item #: MP2500iX
MP2500iX Electric Interchangeable Die Punch 7704300
Item #: TP-VB-E
Tamerica Versabind E 4-in-1 Electric Punch & Bind with 4 EZ Slide Dies

Ships via Truck

Item #: AP-AlphaBind-CE
Akiles AlphaBind-CE Heavy-Duty Electric Comb Binding Machine
Item #: TPTCC2100E
Tamerica TCC-2100E Electric Comb Binding Machine
Item #: GBC16DB
GBC 16DB 16" Manual Plastic Comb Binder 7300200
Item #: M1HD4470
Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD4470 14" Manual Comb Opener
Item #: TP-240HB
Tamerica 240HB CombBind Spreader
Item #: GBC7301000/PB2600
GBC PB2600 Electric CombBind Finisher 7301000