Paper Perforating and Scoring Equipment

Paper Perforating and Scoring Equipment is designed to make perforation, scoring, creasing, and folding easier. With compact models, medium size, and large multi-function machines, there are many options and features to choose from. Take a look at our selection of paper folders for additional options.

These machines are used to make everything from books, cards, presentations, forms, and many other kinds of items. Scoring and creasing machines make folding and processing easier, and come in two main styles of operation.

Pressure bar models use a bar and compression to crease and perforate the material, and are great for tricky items like digitally printed materials. Rotary style machines use a scoring wheel to quickly score and crease the material. Perforators are included in most of these machines, and give you a quick and effective way to process paper and similar materials. We have both manual and electric powered units for low, mid, and high quantity paper processing.

Looking for a paper scoring/perforating machine that will be the best fit for you? Interested in a certain model and have some questions? Call one of our friendly specialists and we'll make sure to answer all your questions and make sure you get the right machine for your perforation and scoring needs today at 1-866-455-9900.

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