5 Mil Thick Laminating Pouches

5 Mil Thick Laminating Pouches have a medium thickness that you may recognize best by a restaurant menu. This gives it a thicker base than 3 mil while still being able to be scored and folded if needed. Designed for moderate handling, 5 mil pouches have a great protective and versatile finish. These are ready to use with any pouch laminator that uses 5 Mil Pouches. We have extra pouch carriers if you need them as well.

These 5 mil lamination pouches are available in sizes starting at just over 2" x 3", and in sizes up to 36" x 48" for extra large items (special sizes are available as well). With the complete range of sizes and the ability to score and fold, 5 mil is one of the most popular thicknesses of lam pouches. The larger pouches are also known as Flex Pouches or Flex Lamination.

Often used for everything from displays, photos, documents, product sheets, signs, lists, and much more, these lamination pouches are popular with businesses, copy/print shops, schools, and home use. By being an affordable and multipurpose thickness, you'll find these to be a great solution for all your laminating.

Have a question about 5 mil lamination pouches, looking for a specific size, or simply want to talk to a laminating specialist? We are ready to answer all of your questions and help find the best pouches for you today at 1-866-455-9900!

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