High Security Paper Shredders

High Security Paper Shredders include cross cut, micro cut, and super micro cut shredders. By turning paper into very small pieces, you get the highest level of security and can rest easy. Using specially designed cutting shafts, your confidential data is rendered safe to recycle/dispose of. We have high security shredders for occasional, medium and heavy use environments. You may also be interested in Industrial Paper Shredders for high quantity shredding.

Many businesses have had their company data stolen due to not processing documents correctly. By throwing away confidential information without being shredded, your business could become a target of data theft. Our high security shredders prevent all that by reducing your info to unrecoverable shreds.

Whichever cross or micro cut shredder you choose, you won't have to worry about security or spending an excessive amount paying for outside shredding solutions. By having your own in-house Destroyit shredder, you ensure the highest level of safety and save money at the same time!

The F.B.I. estimates that U.S. businesses lose tens of billions of dollars every year due to theft of company data. All the electronic security measures in the world are useless if you’re throwing out confidential hard copies and disks by the truckload. Putting your trust in an outside shredding service to dispose of confidential data for you is not the answer. By outsourcing your company’s document disposal, you effectively relinquish control of the program. In addition, the costs associated with shredding services are at astronomical levels and always on the rise.

Not sure which high security shredding machine is best for you and your business? We have Shredding Experts ready to answer your call and help you find the right shredder for you. Call us at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly and knowledgeable help and answers today!

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MBM 3104-CC Cross Cut Destroyit Shredder

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Item #: MBM-3804-X
MBM 3804-CC Cross Cut Destroyit Paper Shredder

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Item #: MBM-4002-X
MBM 4002-CC Cross Cut Destroyit Shredder

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