3 Mil Thick Laminating Pouches

3 Mil Thick Laminating Pouches give a protective coating while still retaining the flexibility of the laminated material. Popular with schools, offices, and other businesses for things like posters, place mats, and many other uses where a flexible or economical lamination solution is needed. These work with all pouch laminators that use 3 mil lamination pouches, and extra pouch carriers are available if you need them.

3 mil lamination pouches come in sizes starting at 6" x 9" (OBT size) and going up to 12" x 18" (Full Double Letter size), with special sizes available as well. These GBC laminating pouches are designed to protect your documents, photos, and other materials from spills, dust, and dirt.

Due to their flexibility and thin yet strong finish, these GBC laminating pouches have been used for photos, documents, maps, safety and data sheets, and many other items where a laminated finish is needed. Being economical, 3 mil lam pouches are a great way to go for all your laminating needs.

Looking for a special size of 3 mil pouch, have a question about one you see here, or how they'll work with your laminator? Call one of our 3 Mil Lamination Specialists toll free at 1-866-455-9900 today!

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