Manual Heavy Duty Paper Cutters

Manual Heavy Duty Paper Cutters are designed to cut through up to 800 sheets of paper at a time. With easy to use designs, these cutters have multiple safety features for worry free operation. Many machines have other features for even faster and easier use as well.

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These manual paper cutters use a blade to cut straight down through the paper, with most being able to handle a ream or more of paper per cut. With brands including Triumph, Tamerica, Dahle, and others, there are plenty of ream paper cutter machines to choose from.

Also known as ream cutters, these heavy duty machines are built for years of operation. With replaceable blades and cutting sticks, you can keep your cutter running smoothly. Features available include clamping systems, front and back gauges, built in measurements, and much more. Looking for a heavy duty manual cutter that has top of the line safety features? Our MBM line has Exclusive SCS safety features and meet UL and CUL safety standards.

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With easy to use designs, powerful and precise operation, these manual cutters are built to last and impress. Get yours today!

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