Micro Cut Paper Shredders

Micro Cut Paper Shredders turn any sensitive information into tiny shreds and provide the highest level of security. This makes them perfect for personal, business, government, and anywhere you need the absolute best security level. We also have Cross Cut Shredders for faster operation, Strip Cut Shredders for bulk shredding, and all the Shredder Bags, Oil, and Accessories you'll need to keep shredding efficiently.

The shreds these micro cut machines produce make sure that any data previously on the paper is unrecoverable. They also provide an added benefit of the most compact storage for recycle or disposal of the shredded material due to their small particle size.

These micro cut shredders are also known as "super micro cut" or SMC. With features like easy reverse, cabinet open safety shut off, sensor based operation, status indicators and much more, you can choose a machine that fits your needs perfectly.

Trying to find the best machine for you or have questions about one you see here? Call one of our friendly Shredding Specialists and we'll be happy to answer any questions and make sure you get the best machine for you at 1-866-455-9900!

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Item #: MBM-4005-SMC
MBM 4005-SMC Super Micro Cut Destroyit Paper Shredder
Item #: 1753240BF
GBC CM11-44 TAA Compliant Micro-Cut Commercial Shredder 11 Sheets

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Item #: 1753300BF
GBC CM15-30 TAA Compliant Micro-Cut Commercial Shredder 15 Sheets
Item #: 1770055DF
GBC LM12-30 Micro-Cut Jam Free Shredder 12 Sheets
Item #: MBM-2604-SMC
MBM 2604-SMC High Security Destroyit Paper Shredder
Item #: WSM1757609
GBC 300M AutoFeed+ Micro-Cut Office Shredder 300 Sheets
Item #: WSM1757607
GBC 230M AutoFeed+ Micro-Cut Small Office Shredder 230 Sheets
Item #: WSM1757603
GBC 100M AutoFeed+ Micro-Cut Home Office Shredder 100 Sheets