GBC ZipBind

GBC ZipBinds are a great companion or alternative to Comb Binding. Designed to fit the same 19 ring style, ZipBinds come in various sizes for binding documents up to about 130 pages. Also known as GBC Zip or Zip Binds, these plastic binding spines are made for quality and for an easy to edit style.

ZipBind plastic binding spines are perfect for when you need to bind or edit a document quickly, and have a professional appearance. Compatible with all Comb Bind machines and accessories, ZipBinds are often used alongside comb binds for on-the-go use. With an easy to open and close design, you can bind any comb style document at a moment's notice.

Some people keep a box of ZipBinds in their car for binding presentations, sales sheets, and many other materials. Need to bind a smaller document than letter size? Simply trim the bind to the length you need with a pair of scissors or snips and you're good to go!

When paired with Skyline's 19 hole pre-punched covers, you don't even need a binding machine to punch your material! Have a question about 19 Ring ZipBinds, quantity discounts, or binding on the go? Call one of our friendly GBC ZipBind spine experts at 1-866-455-9900 and we'll be happy to help!

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