Thermal Binding Hot Glue Strips 1" x 11" 100 Pieces



Skyline has Book Binding Hot Glue Strips in 1" x 11" size. These can be trimmed to any size you need with scissors, and can even be used together for larger or wider books.

Thermal binding glue strips are an easy way to bind books using your own covers. To start, score the covers for the book's thickness size, then place the book binding glue strips into the cover spine, add the pages to be bound, and then place the cover in a hot thermal binding machine. Press the button & in about 30 seconds the thermal book binding glue strips melt & grab ahold of the pages in the cover creating a professional perfect bound book.

The book binding glue strips are 1-inch wide and 11 inches long. They can be cut down to fit your specific book size requirements.


  • Size: 1" x 11"
  • Quantity: 100 Pieces
  • Bind Style: Thermal Book Binding

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