Thermal Bind Glue Strips

Thermal Bind Glue Strips are designed for making your own thermal covers. Do your printing in house or looking to use a material you have as your cover? Need to repair a book, document, or Bible? These glue strips can bind books of any thickness. Made of a heat activated glue, these thermal bind glue strips are easy to use and bind with.

Our standard thermal glue strip size is 1" x 11", and they can be trimmed down to the proper thickness for small and large books. Often used with thermal binders like the Pro-Bind 1000, Pro-Bind 2000, and the T30, these strips work great with hard and soft covers.

By melting when heated, these glue strips lock in the pages in your document and cool down and permanently seal. To trim the strips to size, simply use a paper type trimmer, scissors, or blade and you can bind any size book you have. These glue strips are often used for book repair, and are great for repairing library books, Bibles, and many other types of documents.

Want to learn more about glue strips for bookbinding, how they're used, or looking for answers? Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Thermal Experts and we'll be happy to help at 1-866-455-9900!

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