FastBack Strips

FastBack Strips are used to bind documents with a Fastback machine such as the Fastback Model 15 or Model 20. They are flexible strips that have an adhesive on the inside side of the strip, and when it is heated through the machine it binds it and leaves a nice rounded edge.

Most FastBack (aka Fast Back) Strips are available in a variety of colors including Black, White, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Green, Dark Gray, and Light Gray. The adhesive is dry to the touch and melts when heated to bind your document permanently.

FastBack Strips come in Narrow, Medium, and Wide forms, allowing you to choose the best size for your book. We even have strips that are 8.5" long for easy binding on the short side of your documents. They have a nice leatherette finish that compliments many kinds of covers and gives a great look and feel.

Fast Back Binding Supplies are known as Super Strip N101 Narrow, Super Strip M101 Medium, and Super Strip W101 Wide binds. These thermal tape binding options offer exceptional quality binding and help you save money.

Have a question about the FastBack binding process, strips, or quantity discounts? Give one of our knowledgeable FastBack experts a call at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly help and answers today!

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