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UniBinder 120 Thermal Binding Machine with Crimping

SKU: TB-UniBinder-120


UniBinder 120 Thermal Binding Machine

The UniBinder 120 features the latest technology for easy binding of your documents. Based on the already proven UniBind Resin SteelBinding system, we have now incorporated a crimping element to give you the perfect bind every time, and ensure pages stay securely bound.

Designed for office use, the UniBind system combines an amazing choice of covers with an easy-to-use machine. The UniBinder 120 can bind documents from 1 to 120 sheets using only 6 cover sizes, so it is both economical and fast. Bind, crimp and cool in seconds! Ideal for any office document size, giving you the perfect presentation every time.

Compatible With:

  • UniCover Hard Covers
  • UniCover Soft Covers
  • UniCover Flex Covers
  • UniCover Spine Covers

Features & Benefits:

  • Added crimping feature for high-quality binding
  • No warm-up time needed
  • Easily bind up to 120 sheets at once
  • Binds in 3 easy steps
  • Binds up to 4 documents at a time
  • Always ready to use
  • Maintenance free


  • Dimensions: 19.29" x 13.19" x 13.58"
  • 1 Binding Compartment (binds 1-120 sheets)
  • 1 Manual Crimping Compartment
  • 1 Cooling Compartment
  • Weight: 17.64 lbs
  • Power Use: 120V at 175W
  • CE Certified

Includes the Cover Tower:

The Cover Tower is the perfect rack to organise your covers. It is also the perfect stand for your Thermal Binding Machine. The Cover Tower allows a smooth work flow and a good overview on your binding system. Keeping your office or stockroom tidy therefore making it easier and clearer to select your desired covers.

Size: 15.04" x 13.98" x 14.37"
1 Cover Tower = 4 drawers of covers