1/2" GBC Plastic CombBinds 19 Ring 100 Pcs

SKU: 305
  • Approximate Capacity: 80 Sheets
  • Punch Pattern: 19 Hole
  • Length: 11" (19 Rings)
  • Comb Shape: Round


1/2" GBC Plastic CombBinds 19 Ring 100 Pieces

These plastic comb binds are designed to work with all standard (aka 19 Hole) comb binding machines, covers, and paper. Skyline's GBC Comb Binds are made with a high quality PVC plastic for a smooth and professional finished product. These comb binds have 19 rings and bind up to 8.5" x 11" and smaller documents. All of our 19 loop combs can be trimmed to any number of loops you need by using a pair of scissors (or ask us about PreCut Combs!). Once comb bound, you can lay your document flat for easy reading and photocopying, and you'll never have to worry about the binds scratching, chipping, or discoloring. Comb Binds are one of the most economical ways to bind books, and allow for easy editing using your comb binding machine.

Available CombBind Colors:

Get all the colors you need (these colors are the same as our presentation covers for easy matching!): Black Combs, White Combs, Navy Blue Combs, Hunter Green Combs, Red Combs, Maroon Combs, Royal Blue Combs, Gray Combs, and Clear Combs.

Simple & Editable Binding:

Comb Binding starts by punching the covers & paper.

With everything punched, the comb is opened to prepare for loading the pages (or when editing a comb bound book).

With the pages loaded, the comb can then be fully or partially closed (partial helps when binding thick documents).

All pages have been loaded and the book can now be lifted off of the machine.

The finished Comb Bound Book is now ready for years of use and can be modified whenever you need.

Take your pick of our front and back covers for ultimate protection and durability (we can customize them as well!).

Plastic Ring Binder Details:

  • 1/2" - Holds up to approximately 3/8" thick books
  • 19 Loops - Trimmable for smaller ring binding
  • Length: 11"
  • Shape: Round
  • Quantity: 100 Comb Binds Per Box

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