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Pre-Punched Covers & Paper for Plastic Comb Binding

Comb Bind Pre-Punched Cover and Paper will help to greatly reduce or eliminate the time you spend punching for your plastic comb bound documents. Skyline's Pre-Punched Paper pairs well with our Pre-Punched Covers, making it so you don't have to punch at all for your comb binding! With standard and custom covers & paper available, we have a pre-punched solution for you. These papers & covers are ready to be used with plastic comb binds, and can be bound either by hand or with a comb binding machine.

Many businesses and other comb bind users are using pre-punched paper and covers to speed up their comb binding operations. Whether you need a stock pre-punched comb cover, paper, or special color, style, and thickness, we have what you need.

Have a high speed copier or printer you will be running the paper through? Skyline's Pre-Punched Paper is designed to run flawlessly through your machine for easy, high quality printing. Everyone from copy shops, schools, and other businesses are using our pre-punched covers and paper to enhance their comb binding.

Have questions about pre-punched paper, covers, or looking for a special color, type, or material? We have friendly Pre-Punched Supply Specialists ready to help at 1-866-455-9900!

14 Products