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Dahle 558 51" Professional Rotary Trimmer


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The Dahle 558 Professional Rotary Trimmer with a 51" cut length is designed for precision and accuracy. It features a ground self-sharpening blade that cuts in both directions, a dual-barrel guide bar for strength, and an automatic clamp to prevent shifting.

This German engineered cutter is ultra-precise and ideal for trimming paper, photos, lamination, posters, and cardstock. All your oversize & wide format trimming can be done with ease. You'll be able to enjoy the precise trimming and lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Features | Benefits:

  • Self-sharpening blade cuts in both directions
  • Dual-barrel aluminum guide bar provides strength and accuracy
  • Automatic clamp holds work securely and prevents shifting
  • Ground steel blade is encased in a protective housing for safety
  • Sturdy metal base with non-slip rubber feet
  • Screened inch, metric and angled guides for easy alignment
  • Space-saving upright storage with kickstand endcaps
  • Adjustable magnetic alignment guide for sizing cuts
  • German engineered for precision and accuracy


  • Inch, Metric, and angled guide lines
  • Dual-Barrel Aluminum Guide Bars: Stability for thick materials
  • Automatic Clamp: Holds work securely to prevent shifting
  • Built-In Kickstands: Store upright to save space
  • Cutting Length: 51"
  • Sheet Capacity: 12 Sheets
  • Dimensions: 59.94" Long, 15.13" Wide, and 3.38" High
  • Warranty: Lifetime