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VeloBind Strip Sets 1" x 11" (100 Strip Sets)

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Velobind strips are the secure way to bind, using heat to fuse the pins and lock the bind together. This keeps the book from being tampered with, and also keeps it shut when at rest and safe from prying eyes. These 1" x 11" Velobind Strip Sets are able to hold up to 250 sheets of 20lb bond paper.

There are 11 pins on these strips that correlate with the 11 hole Velobind punch pattern. These pins slip through the covers & pages, then into the backing strip (the flat, slim plastic piece with the 11 holes in it), and then the pins and strip are fused together with your machine.

1" x 11" Velobind Color Options:

  • Black Velobinds
  • White Velobinds
  • Navy Blue Velobinds
  • Hunter/Forest Green Velobinds
  • Maroon Velobinds
  • Dark Gray Velobinds

Compatible With:

  • GBC Velobind System 1 / V800
  • GBC Velobind System 2
  • GBC Velobind System 3 Pro
  • GBC Velobind System 323
  • V2000 Pro
  • V3000 Pro
  • ...and all other 11 Pin Hot Velobind Capable Machines

Technical Specs:

  • Strip Size: 1" x 11"
  • Style: Velobind (11 Pin Hot/Thermal)
  • Sheet Capacity: Approx. 250 (of 20lb bond paper)
  • Quantity: 100 Velobind Strip Sets Per Box

Additional Info:

You may also recognize them as GBC Velobind Sets, Velobind Binding Strips / Spines, Plastic Binding Strips / Plastic Strip Sets.

VeloBind Strip Sets 1 x 11 Velobinds up to 250 sheets of paper. GBC VeloBind Sets 1 x 11 sets are used in Velobinding books 1 inch thick.

 1 x 11 in plastic binding strip sets are used in System #1 velobinders, Velobinder # 170, System #2, Velobind machine 270, & system 3pro plastic strip set Velobinders. 1 x 11 velobind binding strips are available in Black Velobind 1x11, White strip sets, Navy Blue 1 x 11 Ultra bind & velo, Red velobinders 1 x 11, lite Gray strip sets, dark gray 1x11 binding strips, 1 x 11 maroon strip binds & Hunter Green 1 x 11 binders. 1" velobind strip sets are used with velobind covers with round 11 hole punch. The Velobind 11 hole covers with little round holes for binding are often clear fronts with velo pre punch plastic, Black Vinyl or colored velobind vinyl Regency GBC-Velobind covers with 11 round holes for velobind or ultrabind. The system 1 is the most common regular Velobind system using the 1 x 11 velobind strip sets.  To order 1 x 11 VeloBind binding strips by phone Call 1-866-455-9900.