GBC V-800 Pro - New Velobind System One

  • All-in-One Velobinder
  • Bind up to 1"/250 Sheet Books
  • Use with 8.5", 11", & 14" Velobinds
  • Handle Punch with Electric Binding

Ships via Truck


Velobind System 1 - V800 is one of the most common Velo binders.

Quick Punching & Easy Finishing:

Get professional-looking VeloBind® results with this all-in-one punch and bind system. The manual punch handle is convenient for right-or left-handed use. The pressure bar and alignment guide hold documents (up to 1" or 250 sheets) in place during electric finishing. VeloBind adds a smooth, book-like finish to your presentations by locking pages permanently in place without visible holes, tapes or fasteners.

Professional Velobinding for Law, Accounting, Government, & More:

The VeloBind System One/V800pro produces distinctive Velobound secure documents that convey quality and professionalism. Velobinding with the GBC V-800 book making machine is the perfect solution for low to moderate volume users who desire a secure professional binding style. VeloBind is the most secure style of document binding, and is often used in law offices, accounting agencies, and government offices.

Secure Heat-Fused Books:

Velobinding a document produces a permanent bind that is heat sealed. The VeloBind spine cannot be opened & reclosed without a Velobind Machine. This means that a Velobound document cannot be tampered with. Velobound documents are also secure from prying eyes. The Velobound material is held tightly between the Velobind Strip Sets so it lays closed & will not lay open flat.

VeloBind GBC V-800 Pro Qualities:

  • Safe: Velobind lays closed & will not lay flat open
  • Strong: Velobinds will not get crushed in the mail
  • Secure: Velobind spines cannot be opened & reclosed

VeloBind Limitations:

  • Velobind bound documents do not lay open flat

VeloBind Features:

  • Ready light indicates when binding is complete.
  • Extra-large drawer for paper chips and pin debris.
  • Binds sheets up to 14" in length.
  • Uses 1" x 8.5", 1" x 11", and 1" x 14" Velobinds
  • Many Velobind colors are available: Black, White, Navy Blue, Maroon / Red, Hunter Green / Forest Green, and Dark Gray Strips.
  • Dimensions: 7" H x 20" W x 15" D
  • Power Requirements: 115V, 60Hz, 3A
  • Binding Style: VeloBind®
  • Period of Warranty: Limited 90-day
  • Safety Certification: UL Approved

The Velobind V-800 is also known as: Velo 170, GBC V800pro, Velo 1, System I, 1” Velobinder, Sure binder & Hot knife binder, or sometimes by its GBC item number: 9707023

To order the Velobind System One: GBC V-800 by phone (GBC Product Code Number 9707023), please call our friendly VeloBind 1 specialists at 1-866-455-9900.