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Velobind Hot Knife Machines

Velobind Hot Knife Machines are the most popular type of Velobinding machines. By using a heated element to trim and fuse the bind together, you end up with a permanently sealed document that won't lay open (perfect for documents with sensitive info or data). These Velobind Machines punch holes for all Velobind Strips, and can bind paper & Presentation Covers for a fully finished book.

Most Velobind machines are designed for 11 Pin Velobinds, which binds letter sized documents. As their popularity grew, 9 pin and 14 pin Velobinds started being made to accommodate binding on the 8.5" side of documents and 14" legal sized documents.

Many law and legal type offices use these machines to ensure security and for the professionally bound finish. Other kinds of businesses that often use Velobind machines include banks, copy shops, and many other offices that need a secure, safe type of binding.

Many Velobind machines come with foot pedal or push button operation, making them easy to use. Hot knife machines are available in 3 different sizes, 1", 2", and 3", with each larger size being able to handle the smaller sizes (example: 3" can bind using 1", 2", or 3" Velobinds).

With brands like GBC and Tamerica, there are hot knife book binding machines with many extra features and capabilities. Let us help you find the best machine for you and answer any questions by calling 1-866-455-9900!

6 Products