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1"X11" QuickBind Strips Black # 40111Black (100 strip sets)

SKU: 501-40111Black


1"X11" QuickBind Strips Black (100 strip sets) # 40111Black Velobinds up to 250 sheets of paper. GBC VeloBind Sets 1 x 11 sets are used in Velobinding books 1 inch thick.

1 x 11 in plastic binding strip sets are used in System #1 velobinders, Velobinder # 170, System #2, Velobind machine 270, & system 3pro plastic strip set Velobinders. 1 x 11 velobind supplies strips are available in Black Velobind 1x11, White strip sets, Navy Blue 1 x 11 Ultra bind & velo, Red velobinders 1 x 11, lite Gray strip sets, dark gray 1x11 binding strips, 1 x 11 maroon strip binds & Hunter Green 1 x 11 binders. 1" velobind strip sets are used with velobind covers with round 11 hole punch. The Velobind 11 hole covers with little round holes for binding are often clear fronts with velo pre punch plastic, Black Vinyl or colored velobind vinyl Regency GBC-Velobind covers with 11 round holes for velobind or ultrabind. The system 1 is the most common regular Velobind system using the 1 x 11 velobind strip sets. To order VeloBind Strip Sets 1 x 11 40111Black by phone Call 1-866-455-9900