4 Pin Velobind Strips

4 Pin Velobind Strips are designed to be editable and fit Letter size documents. Perfect for when you would like the look of regular Velobind strips, but either don't have a Velobind machine or would like an editable document. Available in Black and Navy Blue, these Velobinds come in 1" lengths for up to around 250 pages. These work with 4 hole & 11 hole punched paper and presentation covers. We have 4 Hole Velobind Punches specifically for these, and they also work with holes punched by Hot Knife Style Velobind Machines.

These 4 Pin Velobinds work with 4 hole and 11 hole Velobind punched paper and covers, and are a great way to Velobind if you ever need to edit your books or don't have a Velobind Hot Knife System. Often used with the V110E and V50 machines, these 4 Pin Strips are a great alternative to Hot Knife Binding.

With the ability to change documents, bind by hand (or with an optional small tool), and no big machines required, these strips have become very popular. Being 11" long, they work with Letter size documents and come in 25 or 100 piece packs.

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