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  • 8.5" x 11" Clear Covers 9-Hole Velobind Pre-Punched 10mil GBC Report Covers (100 Pcs)

8.5" x 11" Clear Covers 9-Hole Velobind Pre-Punched 10mil GBC Report Covers (100 Pcs)

SKU: 103V-9
  • Letter Size - 8.5" x 11"
  • 10 Mil Thickness
  • Clear Binding Covers
  • 9 Hole Velobind Punched
  • 100 Pack


Protect your Velobound documents with these Velobind pre-punched 9 hole, Premium PVC 10 Mil Clear Covers. They are 8 1/2" x 11" in size, and come 100 pieces per pack. These clear covers are used with 9 prong Velobind strips, and are punched on the short side (the 8.5" side) to allow for different styles of documents.

The biggest benefit of pre-punched clear covers is the elimination of punching. This allows you to bind your books faster and get your securely bound and finished presentations done in no time. Whether you have a large binding project coming up, frequently do high quantity binding, or simply want to speed things up, these clear covers will save the day.

Larger volume Velo binding often requires Pre Punched clear velobind covers. Pre-punched Velobind clear covers save time in the slowest phase of Velobinding. 

Velo punching is often slow so law firms use Prepunched clear covers. Legal book binding has multiple documents that are often needed in a short time, Velobind pre punched clear covers are available for speeding up velobind book making. Velo bind punched stock clear covers come in packs of 100 sheets of 9 hole or 11 hole punched for all Velobinders. System 1 Velobind & Velobind 9 hole or 11 hole pre punched paper are commonly sent to attorneys in The GBC book binding distribution category, Larger law firms & court reporters use Velobind punched paper, Velobind punched clear covers & Velobind punched report covers to keep up with the larger 2 x 11 velobind books, & 3 x 11 largest Velo bind. 

With court reporter binding Velobind pre punched clear covers are used with Velobind machine 2 & the Velobinder System 3 & System 3pro. These Velobinding machines can make books 400 to 600 sheets of paper thick. The Velo System 2 Velos up to 400 sheets of 20 # paper & the Velo Sys 3 securely binds 600 sheets of paper in the 3 inch Velobind strip sets. Pre punched Velo bind clear covers save time and keep your Velobinding project moving. Pre punched clear covers, Velobind Pre punched Paper, & Velobind Pre Punched regency report covers are the fastest way to speed up your book Velobinding process. 

To order Velobind Pre Punched Clear Covers by phone, call us at 1-866-455-9900!