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Rhin-o-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000 All-In-One System

SKU: M1Coil3000
  • All in One Machine
  • Oval Holes for Easy Inserting
  • Foot Pedal Included
  • Dual Rollers


All-In-One System

The Rhin-O-Tuff® Coil Binding System 3000 is the world’s first desktop coil binding system that combines electric punching, coil insertion and crimping into a compact, modern design perfect of all office and small print shop environments.

Intuitive controls provide a simple way for today’s professionals to turn loose pages into impressive looking documents in three easy steps. The Coil Binding System 3000 is compatible with nearly all brands of coil bindings. It punches, inserts and crimps coil booklets from 6mm to 50MM (440 sheets) without tools or separate machines.

System includes vertical punching, electric coil inserting and electric crimping all in one machine. Unique features include:

  • LED Panel: Indicates operation mode for user.
  • Coil Binding System 3000
  • Open-ended Punch Throat: Allows documents longer than 11” or A4 to be punched.
  • Dual Coil Rollers: Full size, dual rollers improve binding efficiency.
  • Power Crimper: Electric crimping up to 50mm, eliminating need for hand crimpers.
  • Oval Hole: Oval hole punch allows for easier coil inserting.
  • Foot Pedal: Can be used for punching and crimping with toggle switch for hands-free operation.

Product Specifications

Punching Operation Electric (Foot Pedal/Punch Button)
Punch Capacity Up to 20 Sheets (20lb. Bond)
Inserting Operation Electric (On/Off Switch)
Binding Capacity Up to 2" (Electric) or 440 sheets (20lb. Bond)
Crimping Operation Electric (Foot Pedal)
Crimp Capacity 6mm - 50mm Diameter Coils (1/4" to 2")
Hole Size/Pitch Oval (4mm x 5mm) 4:1 Pitch with .2475" Hole Center Spacing
Disengageable Dies All 47 Pins
Punching Length Up to 23.4"
Weight & Dimensions 75lbs. / 18.3" W x 18" D x 12" H
Warranty 1 Year