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CoilBind Coil Cutters | Coil Crimper Pliers with Leaf Spring

  • Red Dot for Easy Use
  • Leaf-Spring Action
  • Crimps & Cuts in 1 Squeeze
  • Rubber Handle Grips


Coil Crimping Pliers with Leaf Spring

The popular and cost-effective way to finish your coil bound documents is with a good pair of coil crimping pliers. With a little bit of technique to get proficient with, you'll master coil crimping and find these coil crimping pliers to be an indispensable tool for your coil binding needs. We carry the preferred style of coil cutter / crimper pliers that have the leaf spring to automatically open the pliers after each trim.

How to Use Coil Crimping Pliers:

  1. Place your book flat on the table with the coil inserted.
  2. Hold the pliers so the red dot is facing up, and place them in the center of the coil on the right side of the book.
  3. Squeeze the handles tight and twist clockwise a little bit, then release.
  4. Rotate the book 180° and repeat!

Plier Details:

  • Features a Red Dot to tell orientation for crimping
  • Leaf Spring automatically opens the pliers after crimping for easier crimping
  • Handheld size is great for small or large hands