20 MM (3/4") Spiral Plastic Coil Book Binds 12" 100 Pieces - Binds up to 180 Sheets of 20# Paper

SKU: 709


These 20 MM Plastic Coil Binds bind up to about 180 sheets of 20# Paper (about 3/4" thick books). Want to make sure these will fit the coil bound book you're putting together? Measure the thickness of the paper & covers, and then use the next coil bind size up to ensure easy opening & closing.

Made from high quality plastic that is is toxin-free, these 20 MM spiral coils are made to last and hold up to heavy use. The finish is glossy and pairs wonderfully with our paper & cover stocks to make professional coil-bound books.

Our standard coil color options include: Black, White, Navy Blue, Blue, Clear, Green, Maroon, & Red

Perks of Coil Binds: The spiral coil shape allows books to fully wrap around 360° on themselves and they can lay completely flat. The plastic binding makes for resilient books that are great for mailing and ensures the keeps the proper shape. It also keeps your hands comfortable if you need to sign/make notes on the pages. Get your plastic coil binding spines today and follow these simple steps to make all the coil bound books you need!

Use your coil binder to punch the holes in your paper & covers.

Then insert the coil binding spines into the holes either by hand or using an electric coil inserter.


Crimping & cutting the ends of the spiral bind makes it so the coil stays in place. This can be done with our cut & crimp pliers or with one of our coil machines.

You're all set and ready to use your spiral bound book!

Full Specs:

  • 20 MM - Use for books up to about 3/4" thick
  • Pitch: 4-1 Pitch (4:1 means 4 loops/holes per inch)
  • Length: 12" Long - Binds up to 11" and allows extra for the bind to be crimped & cut.
  • Shape: Round Spiral Coils, Fits in Round or Oval 4:1 Pitch Holes
  • Quantity: 100 Coil Binds per Box

Plastic Coil is also known as Plastic Coil Loop Binds, GBC Spiral Coil, 4-1 Coil Binds, Color Coil, Coil Book Binders, Plastic Spring Book Binds, EZ Coil, PVC binds, Plasti Coil & Spiral Plastic Binds.