Coil Crimpers

Coil Crimpers come in two main styles: Pliers and Electric Crimpers. Coil Crimper Pliers are a popular way to cut and crimp coil binds, and are easy to use. Electric Coil Crimpers are designed to cut and crimp one or both sides of the coil binds, making high-quantity binding efficient and easy. These will cut finish all Plastic Coil Binds to keep your books well bound.

Handheld coil crimper pliers are perfect for small to medium quantity binding, and allow for cutting and crimping of different lengths of books quick and easy. The Akiles & GBC electric coil crimpers are best for medium to large quantity binding, and cut and crimp documents in record time.

Coil Crimper Pliers have an indicator that shows which way to cut the coils, and crimp and cut at the same time. Electric coil crimpers often include features like adjustable crimper heads, foot pedal operation, easy setup, and waste catchers, giving more flexibility and ease of use for large coil binding projects.

View our selection of coil crimpers and machines here, or call us at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly help. Whether your choose a handheld cutter crimper or electric coil crimper, you will be finishing your coil books and presentations in no time!

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