Manual Coil Binding Machines

Manual coil binding machines operate with an easy-to-use handle, and are often used in schools, homes, and small to medium size businesses. Some manual machines include an electric coil inserter for fast binding. We have the Spiral Coils and Binding Covers you need to complete your presentations & books, as well as options for Electric Coil Binder Machines.

Manual coil bind machines usually punch between 10-30 sheets per punch (see machine specs for individual details). Once the document is punched, you can insert the coils either by hand, by channel*, integrated electric coil roller inserter*, or standalone electric inserter. (*See machines for included features)

Manual coil bind machines are an economical and great way to bind for medium quantity binding. With brands including Akiles, Tamerica, GBC, Renz, and others, there are many options available to choose from. Coil binding machines come in circular and oval punch styles, so you can find a machine that matches the style you are currently using or would like to use.

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