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Akiles MegaBind 2 Punches for 19 Loop Comb Bind & Spiral-O 19 Loop Wire

SKU: akilesmegabind2
Replaced by the Akiles AlphaBind-CM Heavy-Duty Comb Binding Machine

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The Akiles MegaBind 2 binding machine is a heavy duty punch and binder which is perfect for either Comb or Wire Binding applications. The MegaBind 2 will punch up to 25 sheets at a time and will bind up to 2"(425 sheets) of paper using plastic comb. It comes with a wire closer that will work with Spiral-O 19 loop wire. 

The MegaBind 2 has many features including disengageable pins so you can easily change paper sizes, two handles increase the speed of binding for comb applications, punch margin controls to allow punching at a deeper depths and a binding size guide. The Megabind 2 has a 14" binding side punch length so you can bind legal sized documents. It's durable, sturdy all metal construction ensures it will last for many years to come.

Akiles MegaBind is the most complete and professional punch and binding equipment in its market, as it is the only machine that has all of the required functions for binding.

  • High-Volume Punch Capacity: With its redesigned punching mechanism, you can punch up to 25 sheets of 20 lbs paper per lift (20 sheets on Electric model).
  • Double-Handle System: Allows you to work faster and more efficiently, as you can punch and bind simultaneously or independently of each other.
  • Continuous Binding Control: Left Side
  • Die Disengagement Pins
  • Side Margin Control
  • Waste Compartment: Back Side
  • Punch Margin Control
  • Binding Guide: Allows the user to determine the correct comb size to use.

Punching Length:14" (24 dies)14" (24 dies)14" (24 dies)
Disengaging Dies:All 24 diesAll 24 diesAll 24 dies
Hole Punch:Rectangular
(5/16" x 1/8")
(5/16" x 1/8")
(5/16" x 1/8")
Comb Binding Capacity:From 3/16" to 2"From 3/16" to 2"From 3/16" to 2"
Punching Capacity:Up to 25 sheets
(20 lbs)
Up to 25 sheets
(20 lbs)
Up to 20 sheets
Side Margin Control:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Punching Margin Control:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Continuous Binding Control:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Wire Closer:NoIncluded
(up to 9/16")
Warranty:1 year1 year1 year