5/8" 19 Ring Spiral-O Wire Bind Combs - 100 Pieces

SKU: 607


These 5/8" 19 Ring Spiral-O Wire Binds are designed to work with any 19 hole punched document (this is the same as Comb Bind style hole-punched documents).

Spiral-O Wire is sometimes confused with standard wire binds, which are a different pitch. This Spiral-O Wire has 19 Loops, which means it fits in Letter Size pages that have been punched with 19 Holes (for example: if you punch the pages with your Comb Bind Machine). These are designed so you have a Wire Bind option if you currently use Comb Binds. Since they use the same hole pattern, you can bind with either style at will.

The only thing you need besides your Comb Bind Punch (or Pre-Punched 19 Hole Paper & Covers), is a Wire Crimper to crimp the binds closed. Not only will these 19 loop wire binds keep your documents securely together, they'll also add a nice professional look and feel. Get your White, Blue, Silver, and Black Spiral-O today!

How to Use:

To use these binds, simply punch your document and covers with any comb binding machine (19 Hole Pattern). Once that's done, slip the Spiral-O Wire into the holes, lay it in your wire closer, and crimp it to bind your book!


  • Material: Spiral-O Wire
  • Compatible With: 19 Hole Punched Paper & Covers
  • Size: 5/8"
  • Color Options: Black, White, Blue, and Silver
  • Sheet Capacity: 140 Sheets*

*May vary due to paper thickness and if covers are being used. We recommend measuring the total thickness of the pages & covers, then add 1/8". This makes it so the pages can turn freely. If you'd like help choosing the right size Spiral-O Binds, or have questions, please call our Binding Support at 1-866-455-9900 for fast, friendly help.