Manual Wire Binding Machines

Manual wire binding machines have an easy to use handle that punches the document with the proper size holes for the wire pitch you are using. Available in 2:1, 3:1, and Duo (both) pitch styles, you can find the machine you need at the best price for you. These manual Wire-O machines bind the twin loop wire binds and presentation covers to make fully bound books. We also have Electric Wire-O Machines to make binding even faster and easier.

Manual wire bind machines typically include a wire closer channel, making them all-in-one machines. With heavy duty punch pins, solid construction, and much more, these machines are built to last. With well-known brands like GBC, Renz, Tamerica, Akiles, and others, there is a manual book binding machine for all needs and budgets.

Whether you need a 3:1 machine for small to mid sized books, 2:1 machine for mid to large size books, or Duo machine for both, Skyline has the machine with the features you need. Wire binding is known for its classy and elegant look and feel, and gives your documents a professional look.

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