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Personal Cross Cut Paper Shredders

Personal Cross Cut Paper Shredders offer a higher level of security by turning documents into small cuts of paper. Not only does this increase security, it also makes for more compact storage and processing of the shredded material. There are many cross cut sizes available to choose from depending on your preferences. Many of these cross cut shredders have extra features like sensor based operation, auto jam clearing, heavy duty motors, effortless staple and paper clip processing, and much more.

We carry all the shredder bags and oils for these shredders to ensure long-lasting and effortless use.

Cross cut shredding turns documents into tiny squares or rectangles instead of long strips, making them perfect for everything from financial records, sensitive company documents, and other materials. For businesses and offices that do quite a bit of shredding, this is a huge factor for security and storage.

Not quite sure which cross cut shredder is right for you? Have questions about cross cut versus strip cut or shredding in general? Our friendly Cross Cut Specialists are ready to answer any questions and find the best shredder for you today at 1-866-455-9900!

20 Products