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Shredder Oil

Shredder Oil is used for strip cut, cross cut, and micro cut shredders to keep them running smoothly and reduce any wear on the cutting shafts. This ensures extra longevity and makes shredding faster. With different quantities available, you can choose the brand you like in the amount you need.

Skyline carries shredder oils from brands like GBC Shredmaster, MBM Destroyit, Fellowes, and others. Bottles are available in custom sizes as well as pint, quart, and gallon for larger operations.

Every shredder has its own oiling recommendations, so refer to those if possible. As a general guideline, it is recommended that the cutting shafts be oiled about every 30 minutes of operation for cross cut, and every hour of use for strip cut type machines.

Looking for a specific brand, amount, or special oil blend for your machine? Call one of our shredding experts at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly and helpful answers today!

5 Products

Item #: GBC-1760049A
GBC Shredder Oil 16oz Bottle - 1760049A
Item #: MBM-Oil-8P
MBM Shredder Oil 8 Bottles (1 pint each)