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ID and Photo Size Pouch Laminators

ID and Photo Size Pouch Laminators include small and medium ID badge laminators and photo laminators. These small pouch laminators are great for laminating pictures, IDs, label cards, and more. Pair your machine with our medium and small size lamination pouches and you'll be able to give a great finish and protective layer to all your small sheets. These machines are perfect for hard to laminate photos and inkjet printed materials, and come with different options so you can choose the best pouch laminator for your laminating needs.

Whether you are looking for a medium size laminator for ID badges and small items, or a photo type laminator, we have the perfect machine for you. Often used in offices, schools, home, print shops, and other businesses, ID & photo laminators are built to handle everything you send their way.

They may be mid sized, but these laminators often have the exact same or even better abilities than their larger counterparts. Many feature high quality silicon rollers to ensure great laminating for heavily ink covered documents and photos.

Looking to find the right laminator and not quite sure which one is best for you? Our friendly specialists are always ready to help and answer any questions you may have at 1-866-455-9900!

2 Products