Presentation Covers with Window

Windowed Covers include a complete variety of Comp, Linen, Poly, Clear, and other presentation cover materials with punched windows. With standard and custom size window options available, we can punch a window any size you need. There are special custom shape windows available, so we have you covered no matter what! Speaking of punched covers, check out our Pre-Punched Presentation Covers for covers that are ready to bind.

Covers with windows allow you to have a custom cover page show the name, logo, or other information about the document inside. Most personal and businesses use a standard window size that is in stock and ready to ship, while some prefer a specific size or shape for extra customization. Looking for Custom Covers?

Standard size windows are usually 1-3/4" x 4", and the top of the window is 3" down from the top of the cover and centered. Many other standard window sizes are popular as well, with certain shaped dies available as well. If you would like a special shape or size window, we can make a die and punch your presentation covers wherever you would like.

Skyline's Presentation Covers with Windows let your title show while still protecting your important documents. These windowed presentation covers are sometimes called Leather Flex, Flexigrain, Leatherflex, GBC Regency Covers, Comp Covers, Composition Covers, Skivertex, CoverCut, or Leather Like Covers. GBC Presentation Covers are made from a high quality vinyl coated paper with a leather finish.

Take a look below at some of our standard windowed covers, or call one of our friendly specialists for quick and helpful answers and info. We're always ready to help at 1-866-455-9900!

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