Linen Presentation Covers

Linen Presentation Covers are a very popular binding cover and give a classy look and feel. With a cross-hatched style texture, these linen covers are also known as linen stock covers, linen weave, and deluxe linen covers. With plenty of options to choose from, there is a linen cover for every book, presentation, and other documents. These look great paired with Clear Covers or Frosted Covers, and are one of top covers used along with Regency Leatherette Covers.

Made out of a heavy paper stock for the base, these covers have a quality linen finish that is designed to impress. Available in packs or sets, these linen covers can have straight or round corners, windows, pre-punched, and come in many sizes and colors.

Linen Covers pair well as front and back covers, and are also a great match when paired with a clear cover for the front and linen for the back. Skyline does custom printing, embossing, foil stamping, and windows for cover page logos, and linen presentation covers look very elegant when customized.

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