Poly Plastic Presentation Covers

Poly Plastic Covers come in various texture styles including leather grain, sand, striped, and many others. With plenty of sizes, colors, and finishes to choose from, poly presentation covers are great for high quality binding. Made out of a poly plastic material, these covers are also known as polypropylene, dura poly, and premium poly covers.

Poly Covers are very strong and built to impress and protect. These plastic covers come in square and round corner styles, with windowed and pre-punched options available. With various point thicknesses available, you can choose a light, medium, or heavy cover depending on your cover use.

Poly Leather Grain Covers have a leather like texture on one side and are smooth on the other. Poly Sand Covers are the same way, having a sand finish on one side and smooth on the other as well. Poly Striped Covers have a striped diagonal line finish, and are available in tinted colors for extra options.

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