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Booklet Staplers

Booklet Staplers are often referred to as booklet makers or long reach staplers, and use staples to bind documents and similar items. With machines including features such as folding & stapling, high sheet capacity, and much more, there is a booklet maker for everyone. Pair your stapler with Binding Staples for everything you need, and check out our Booklet Makers.

Skyline has both manual and electric staplers for making booklets. Need to bind a small amount of booklets? Our manual long-reach staplers may be just what you need to bind different sized booklets quickly. Looking for a more industrial solution? Take a look at our heavy duty booklet makers, and you'll be on your way to binding booklets quickly and easily with staples or wire stitching.

Booklet making is often used with schools, churches, and other similar institutions and businesses. Whether you are looking to bind a few booklets a day or several hundred per hour, Skyline has the machine that will take care of all your booklet stapling needs.

Have questions about a machine or booklet staplers in general? Give one of our friendly Specialists a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions and get you the machine you need. We're ready to chat at 1-866-455-9900 today!

12 Products