Scoop On-A-Roll Lifter

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Scoop On-A-Roll Lifter

Safe and ergonomic handling of all sizes of narrow web rolls up to 1,000 pounds & 45” in Diameter! For Paper, Foil Film, Plastic and More!

Unique Design Features Increase Productivity And Reduce Injuries:

The adjustable width forks allow operators to scoop rolls of up to 45” in diameter off the floor or pallet without the operator touching it – eliminating potential injuries and damage.

The removable laser cone lets operators quickly line up the roll core with the chuck without having to place themselves or their hands between the roll and press to maneuver it into position.

Other unique design features:

  • Heavy duty locking screw and knob secures roll holders on fork.
  • Hydraulic Foot Pump lets you adjust the height for smooth
    loading and unloading
  • Back stop on circular roll holders prevents rolls from falling off
    the rear
  • Fixed front casters provide lower clearance in the front forks
  • Pair of heavy-duty rear swivel casters with easy step-on
    locking brake

Model # 61569 Scoop On-A-Roll Lifter Specifications

  • Max. Roll Weight Capacity: 455 kg (1,000 lbs.)
  • Max. Lift Height: 91.5 cm (36”)
  • Max. Roll Diameter: 115 cm (45.25”)
  • Max. Roll Width: 38 cm (15”)
  • Overall Media Lifter Dimensions (W x D x H): 48.4" x 45" x 57.75" (123 x 119.5 x 147 cm)
  • Weight: 160 kg (353 lbs.)
  • Bottom Fork Clearance: 8 cm (3.15”)
  • Front Wheel Caster: 8 cm (3.15”)
  • Rear Swivel Caster: 15 cm (6”)
61569Scoop On-A-Roll Lifter


1-year warranty on hydraulics and media tray. 2-year general warranty on all parts.